STONE CITY is a magical, captivating and evocative space, a source of inspiration for every visitor who loves landscape architecture: it collects the best outdoor solutions created with the products of Granulati Zandobbio and its related brands.

Here the concept of an open-air showroom is overcome, in a park enhanced by the presence of numerous plants and precious essences, in which the role played by water, the play of light and the sounds that characterize in an increasingly important way becomes relevant. marked the furnishing of contemporary outdoor environments.


for architects or landscape architecture retailers


all the products sold by Granulati Zandobbio are visible

STONE CITY is an immersive journey into the world of stone: the gardens arranged along the natural stone avenue and the Greek amphitheater are only part of the project for the Granulati Zandobbio lithological park which is spread over an area of 8000 m2.

It exhibits a labyrinth of sintered stone paving for outdoor use, 25 gardens, 12 thematic areas, 100 monoliths, a theater that evokes Greek architecture, three life-size swimming pools, a promenade with water games and luminous scenographies that accompany the itinerary of visit.

The history of STONE CITY

The Sottocornola G. snc company was born in the center of Bergamo as a small activity of production and distribution of aggregates destined for local cement mixes.

The company moves to the municipality of Zandobbio, where the first quarry is opened.

The company grows and opens several production sites, becoming Granulati Zandobbio.

Acquisition of 50,000 m2 of the Marmi Mecca square. In the 1960s it was the most important company in the world in the production of marble granules.

STONE CITY is born: a permanent exhibition park of 3000 m2 that collects the best settings created with the natural stone products of Granulati Zandobbio. A unique area of its kind worldwide.

STONE CITY is a great marketing tool and becomes a multifunctional structure of 5000 m2, now able to give an increasingly efficient service to its customers by hosting any type of event. L’ALTRA PIETRA is born, the registered trademark brand of high-thickness sintered stone outdoor flooring.

The remaining portion of the square of the former Marmi Mecca is acquired. The Bolgare site, now 120,000 m2, is destined to become the logistical heart of the company. STONE CITY becomes the second jersey sponsor of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio.

In addition to the 5,000 m2 of exhibition, another 3,000 m2 are added to display the company’s new flagship products: flooring and cladding in sintered stone.

Construction of the new company headquarters in Bolgare, based on a project by the winning architect of the international competition held in 2017.


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